AI is pivotal technology. Clarifi does it better.

Our Mission

Clarifi strives to empower people to better understand themselves and the world with cutting edge artificial intelligence.

The Clarifi Story

Clarifi is deeply rooted in personal experience and a genuine understanding of healthcare’s multifaceted challenges. CEO Matt Berri and COO Carrie Taylor, Clarifi’s co-founders, bring a wealth of firsthand insights to the company.

Carrie, a cancer survivor, has personal experience navigating the complexities of the healthcare system and recognizes the vital importance of supportive and personalized care. Her extensive background in innovative solution delivery has been a critical element of realizing Clarifi’s greater mission.

As a military veteran, Matt has seen firsthand the physical and mental health challenges of his fellow service members. Having been exposed to worldwide injustice and suffering, and with a background in both medicine and IT security and engineering, Matt was driven to create Clarifi’s innovative AI platform.

Clarifi is the result of Matt and Carrie’s shared vision. They are committed to using Clarifi as a positive instrument for change, grounded in experience and guided by empathy.

The Difference is Clear

What We Believe In

Building Trust

Trust is essential in AI and in healthcare . We want you to feel safe using our tools so we use advanced security protocols, meet or exceed governmental regulation requirements, and allow you, and only you, to control how your data is used.

Increasing Efficiency + Accuracy

Data should be made clear, concise, and consistent. We want to bring order to the table for you by placing all the information in one place, so that instead of wasting time tracking things down; you can focus on what really matters. We are transparent and clearly show both confidence ratings and where results come from. Our solutions will not lie to you.

Empowering People

Our data should work for us, and not the other way around. You always have control over your own data. We will never take this control away from you. We want to put all your data in one place, and keep the entirety of your data private and secure. You choose how much, or how little, data is shared and for what purpose.

Pushing Boundaries

Innovation is at the core of who we are as a company and as individuals. We are constantly looking for truly new and different ways to do things. Pushing boundaries means we will strive to not just modify existing ways of doing things but to disrupt the status quo and find a better solution for the future.